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Save Money with one of our Sliding Door Repairs throughout Dublin

We will never try and sell you a new door as we don’t even do them!

New Patio Wheels and Tracks

We specialise in replacing patio door wheels and patio door tracks – we only repair existing sliding porch and patio doors.

With our Patio Door Repair service in Dublin, our quality sliding door repairs will definitely save you a great deal of money by not having to endure the high cost of replacing your door. We pride ourselves on our very popular and successful Patio Door Repairs and Porch Door Repairs. We specialised in repairing these doors long before anybody else did and this service is highly regarded and sought after.

Genuine 7 Day Service

To accommodate you our customer, we offer a 7 day service for our sliding door repairs.

If your door has come off its track, or has become too difficult to slide, or has stopped locking all of a sudden, don’t panic! Call us to avail of our 7 day repair service. Also, in the unfortunate event that your house has been broken into through your sliding porch or patio door, we will do our utmost to respond to make to your door secure and your house safe again.

My back patio door just got more & more difficult to slide & shut over. Brian from Patio Door Doctor had it sliding & locking perfectly within a couple of hours.

Sarah Kennedy
Dundrum Dublin South